New Jersey District 1 Little League
District Administrator - Chris Graham

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Home of the 2019 Majors Softball State Tournament!
Park Road Complex, Par Troy West, July 12 - July 14

No Hall of Fame player ever played in the 10-year-old World Series.

Nor victory, nor yet defeat
is chalked against the players name.
But down the roll, the final scroll,
shows only how he played the game.
 - Game Called, Grantland Rice

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2019 Section Tournaments Hosted by District 1

Senior Softball, beginning July 2 at Dover
Majors Softball, beginning July 2 at Par Troy East
Majors Baseball, beginning July 13 at Randolph
8-10 Baseball, beginning July 14 at Morristown American

Congratulations to D1 Umpire Ed Hastings who has been selected by Little League International as an umpire for the 2019 Little League Softball World Series!!

2018 District Champions

Intermediate Baseball - Chester/Mendham, Section Champions
Junior Softball - Mount Arlington
Senior Softball - Dover/Wharton
Majors Softball - Hanover Township
8/9/10 Softball - Hanover Township, Section Champions
Senior Baseball - Randolph
Majors Baseball - Somerset Hills, Section Champions
Juniors Baseball - Par Troy East
10s Baseball - Madison
11s Baseball - Randolph, Section Champions

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